Sunflower oil vs Canola oil


I’ve been searching the internet for a while now to try and find any answer to this, which is better for you.  I buy extra virgin Olive oil most of the time, but it gets a little pricey >< This question came up the other day when I went to do some shopping and was faced with sunflower oil and canola oil.  I’ve heard so much negative things about canola oil that it actually scared the crap out of me and I got sunflower seed.

I’ve found some interesting information on the internet, first I just googled sunflower oil and nothing bad popped up, after that i tried benefits and negatives of sunflower oil, most of the info i found was on  When I typed in Canola oil the entire page was just filled with warnings and health risk ( didn’t make me feel better at all).  I don’t know what to think about all this, I would personally use sunflower oil, because its not a hybrid plant that’s been engineered and its o so pretty 🙂


below is a link about canola oil and sunflower oil :

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What do you think about everything that’s been said about canola oil?

Which do you prefer?