White and Nerdy

This week off I’ve realized how different I am from other girls or for that matter people.  All through high school I always knew I was different, I was slightly awkward and only had guy friends, I just could never grasp the idea of looking good for men and acting all sexy like.  Yeah I was the kind of girl that made the sarcastic comments and cracked a joke to hide embarrassment.  Now that high school is long gone and I’ve made my real friends, I actually forget that I’m strange to other so called “normal” people. It feels like I live on a completely different planet!



How did this all start? Well it all started on Saturday, when we went for lunch with my boyfriends family.  Okay this all seems normal, but let me paint you a picture I’m pretty short and my boyfriends family is pretty tall and in comes his sister who looks like a super model shes tall skinny with beautiful hair, commercial like hair, dressed amazingly for just lunch at the beach, well this all seems like I’m insecure, but you know what we all become a little insecure when you feel like you look different! and believe me I’m happy with the way I look.  


When we get to the beach my insecurities just reached new levels, everywhere there are girls in tiny bikinis wearing a bucket load of make up getting there tan on and me well lets just say I’m so white and pale that you can almost see my organs through my skin! We start looking for a place to eat and I’m starting to feel more and more like a nuisance   because we have to look for a place that’s  got vegan friendly options ( 1 hour search) and when I finally hear the mumbles under the breath, I just told them I’ll have a plate of fries. ( when in doubt you always have potatoes :/)  


I think the reason I feel so uncomfortable with his sister is because I’ve been told by her friends that I’m weird and that I look funny and I’ve had numerous rude comments about being vegan, but I always bite my tongue because his family takes everything personally, but this was not the only incident that made me realize I’m different this week, we saw some of my boyfriends work friends randomly during the week and they seemed utterly horrified that we didn’t go out clubbing or have a bbq or anything like that, our holiday was spent watching monthy python, black books, star wars, cycling, walking everywhere, staying up late playing pc games and baking.  When I started quoting monthy python holy grail and none of his friends knew what the hell I was going on about I knew, wow wee I’m weird!


Well you know what I’m proud to be different, I don’t care about doing my hair for 5 hours or putting on my make up to go to the beach, I don’t care if I don’t listen to the in music! I love who I am in if that means I’m white and nerdy O well! All I can say to you is  “I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.” ( quote from monthy python).  I found this music video by weird al yankovic that describes how I’m feeling perfectly! I hope you enjoy it!





One thought on “White and Nerdy

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