Crusty bread loaf

I’m back! I haven’t been feeling in a very creative mood lately, it might be, because my partner has been working late and    eats at work and I’m just not creative when I’m all by myself.  Until today when I made this unbelievable delicious crusty bread! I love the smell of fresh bread, nothing makes my mouth water more and this little bread sure makes the house smell o so tasty!! but before I share this amazing bread recipe I want to tell you guys about the amazing surprise I got yesterday! I’ve been looking for spekboom for about a year and I just wasn’t able to find it anywhere and yesterday as I walked into a grocery store I got handed one for FREE! I couldn’t believe it, you’re probably wondering what makes this little plant so special well I will tell you!





What is the spekboom?

The Spekboom is a plant that grows primarily in the Eastern Cape and a bit in the Western Cape. How was the plant discovered?

Botanists have known about this plant for centuries. The first European botanists (about 400 years ago) have documented it as one of the most common plants in the landscape. Man and Spekboom have probably been living together for about a millennium.

What makes this plant so special?

Spekboom has enormous carbon-storing capabilities. Its capacity to offset harmful carbon emissions is equivalent to that of moist, subtropical forest.

This is quite incredible – evidence gathered in the Eastern Cape over the past seven years shows that spekboom has enormous carbon-storing capabilities. Findings suggest that up to four tons of carbon a year would be captured by each hectare.

So this little succulent plant soaks up a lot of carbon emission! I was so happy to see that they were handing this out to all the shoppers and with a little sticker on it about why its good for our planet.  Well okay rant over, now lets get back to that bread


CRUSTY BREAD – makes 1 large bread or 2 small loaves



* 1 Package active dry yeast

* 1 1/4 Cups warm water

* 3 Cups whole wheat flour

* 2 tsp stevia or sugar

* 1/2 tsp salt  ( use more if you want, I don’t like salt)

* 2 tbsp soy milk

* 1 tbsp olive oil



Dissolve the yeast in a 1/4 cup of the water, let stand for 10 minutes or until frothy. When the yeast is ready add the rest of the water.  Next add the flour, stevia or sugar and salt and mix well when well combined add the milk and oil and work well into the dough ( if its to sticky add for flour if its to dry add more milk).

Turn the dough out onto a clean, floured surface and knead for 7 minutes or until the dough is smooth and silky.

When you’re done, toss the dough in a bowl and coat the dough with a little olive oil. Place a dish towel over the bowl and place the bowl in a warm area until the dough has doubled in size ( 1 1/2 hours ).

Preheat oven to 400F.  Punch the dough down to knock all the air out. Form the dough into a loaf shape and  slice a cross in the center and place on a baking sheet. Let dough rise on the baking sheet for another 20 minutes.  Place the baking sheet in the oven and let back for 25- 30 minutes or until golden brown halfway ( 15 minutes into the baking time i removed mine and rubbed a little margarine on mine for a nice golden coat.  Enjoy this bread right out of the oven!


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