Modcloth obsessed

I’m so obsessed with modcloth! They have everything you would love, pretty dresses, cute shoes, amazingly nerdy kitchen stuff and just general pretty things.

These are just a few things I’m in love with right now.

05c2c34a496c6d79dc769b64af6a6b22 8f28b7aa094874c52955e9ca9d9987ab 09a6b8c6824292fc47cadf9ce7dfd8e2 9c640091255faf119cde92fec0e79da6 9e0fc2b26ca2de4b9e51f576c0626c13 86da78f06fb7ffb9db08c5b41877fd80 97d47804bac247db13c3d448972655b6 815a3c86ea42993b047cf6e55c008563 14108892bcef29a24c98686600f9f729 af5d745b400261ed9304c91fc9faa1b1 bd54456bfbeed8845d5676b884b1bfc9 cf28dc34d45b22ef419bb3d097c16d68 dd980f2da2e481a2942095f0844d1026




and now everyone knows what a big nerd I am.  Be sure to check out modcloth here.


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