an instant of life captured for eternity

This weekend was filled with lots of fun and more gardening.  We went to a eco friend day festival on Saturday, it was a nice day being outside listening to really amazing bands.  However the whole festival did start of rocky, we couldn’t find the little bus that takes you to the festival and we walked around Sandton city forever looking for it, when we finally found it we assumed it would all be smooth sailing, but alas we didn’t bring enough money and there was no atm in sight so we walked all the way back to Sandton city and walked back to the festival.  After we got a rewarding beer it was all lovely.

So here is my weekend recap or photo dump

DSC01017 DSC01018

The table in our bedroom loft.




Belphie taking over the bed 🙂


Flowers from my lovely Carl for no reason.




Friday selfie


Nelson Mandela Square




Fresh Coconut water



The festival had amazing food vendors.  This was just one of them, it was a vegan/ vegetarians dream.

DSC01042 DSC01043

Sandon Central Park’s amazing sculpture and this little rooster.




DSC01044 DSC01045

A nice cold beer and my bee backpack.  Hey everyone needs a bee when you go to festival




DSC01052 DSC01053 DSC01057

The stage

DSC01063 DSC01066

Behind the scenes of a human pyramid



DSC01071 DSC01073 DSC01074


I feel like wrapping all my trees now 😀

DSC01075 DSC01080

People in a tree




Carl’s sweet pocket watch

DSC01083 DSC01087 DSC01095


Getting silly with a ping pong paddle



Bands, Bands, bands



Me waiting to go to the loo.  Carl took this photo.  Yes, he is a creep, but my little weirdo


Crazy hair





This was the bus that we just could not find.



After festival look

DSC01141 DSC01142 DSC01143


We got a ride back on one of these things. No, it does not have a door and yes, I was scared the entire way back.


DSC01147 DSC01148 DSC01150


We found this amazing shop in Sandton City.  It even had a replica of Gandalf’s sword.  I was nerdgasming pretty hard.

DSC01156 DSC01158 DSC01159 DSC01160 DSC01162 DSC01163


We also planted new seeds, flowers and catnip ( the catnip is for Belphie).

What did you get up to this weekend?


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