Garden update

This weekend  was a quiet one.  It involved getting really obsessed with downton abbey, its rather funny, because I didn’t think I would like it, but I LOVE this show.  Great character development, drama, romance and suspense.  Okay, I need to stop talking about it before I start getting withdrawals.


On Saturday night we got hit by a crazy hail storm that came from nowhere.  I was really tempted to run out and try and rescue some of my potted vegetables, but it felt way to dangerous.  It destroyed most of the garden and vegetables, but I have hope for the ones that survived. I will be heading to Durban on Wednesday to visit my parents for a little weekend trip.  I wish I could say I was excited, but I would really like to enjoy my breakaway, but I’m sure I wont, but I will try to go in with a good attitude (even if you can see my attitude is not that great right now) and make the best of it.

DSC01510 DSC01513 DSC01507 DSC01508

Have a great Monday everybody.


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