DIY Halloween Decorations – Mini Graveyard

I know I’m posting Halloween decorations a wee bit late, but better late than never I say.  This is a cute yet creepy decoration that is easy to make and can be free if you have all the things on hand.



Things you will need

  • small piece of a cardboard box
  • string
  • markers
  • a stick from outside
  • a small pot
  • soil
  • paper
  • sticky tape, glue, whatever works for you


Draw out a simple bat shape on a piece of paper and cut out 4 or 5 bats  ( I didn’t have black paper or markers so I did it the hard way…colouring it in with a pen.) .

Take the cardboard and cut out to tombstone shapes.


Now you can start assembling.  Place the soil in the pot and stick the twig in the corner of the pot.  Stick the bats on the little branches and arrange them how ever you like.  If you want to make dangling bats, use a little bit of string.


I had this little container of a zombie hand, that I stuck into the ground if you don’t have anything that can be used as a zombie its not a big deal.  Next arrange the tombstones around the stick.


There you go a really easy Halloween decorations, that’s cute and creepy at the same time.

Have a spooky night.


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