Garden Update

Its been rainy here and the garden is loving it.  Like the garden I’m also loving it, is there anything better than a good excuse to cuddle up on the couch and watch movies?, but I didn’t just sit around the whole weekend, I also discovered my catnip…..I completely understand cats now.  What is my catnip you ask? Chocolate Mint!  I don’t know why no one has never told me about this wonderful little herb, but now that I have it I want fields! I want to roll in it and just live in a house surrounded by this little green gem. Okay, okay, this rant is over and on with the garden photos!


^^ We’ve been collecting rocks on every hike we’ve gone on lately and they’ve finally made their way into the garden for a pretty border for some freshly planted herbs.



^^ Rocks up close.


^^ The hanging garden is looking prettier by the day.

DSC02312 DSC02311

^^The flowers in the front of the house.



^^The veggie garden just keeps expanding.


^^ you can’t see them yet, but soon this will be baby spinach and  chard.


^^ Mustard spinach growing up.


^^ yarrow.


^^ Tomato flowers.


^^ Baby Marrow leaves.


^^ Runner beans, starting to run up the wall.

DSC02300 DSC02299

^^ Chocolate Mint.  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful.


^^ Sunday fire.


^^ I harvested all the lettuce and planted butter lettuce and cos lettuce.



^^ Even the washing line wants to be pretty.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


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