German Hot Dogs

If you were wondering what I ended up doing with those pretzel rolls, here it is.

This loaded German inspired hot dog is a treat for any occasion.  Filled with sauerkraut, radish, rocket and mustard this is definitely a recipe you have to try.


For the sausage I used Fry’s vegetarian brand and I have to say it was so bland, but yet left a weird kind of plastic like taste in my mouth after that kept lingering, but that’s just my opinion.  I personally don’t like using meat alternatives a lot, but when I do I don’t want to faff with it for ages trying to make it taste better. Yeah, each to their own, a lot of people love this brand, because they’re making a difference for the vegetarian market.  I just don’t like that everything tastes so bland and when it doesn’t its overly spiced with cinnamon ( shout out to the curry pie).  Okay, rant over.  Sorry if I offended anyone :D.




  • Soft pretzel rolls
  • Sauerkraut
  • Radish, chopped
  • Rocket, washed
  • Butter lettuce, washed
  • German mustard
  • Vegan mayonnaise
  • veggie hot dogs


Spread mustard on both sides of the pretzel rolls. Spoon a tablespoon of sauerkraut on the roll.  Place a piece of lettuce and rocket on the roll.  Place the hot dog in the roll and arrange the radishes on the side of sausage.  Drizzle with mayonnaise.  Serve immediately.



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