Year End Function Of Dooooooom

Yes, I know I’m being ridiculously dramatic, but we all need a bit of drama in our lives…..and I’m not exaggerating that much.

Let me get to the theme, it was called the sweet escape, so of course I had no idea what that was about, turns out it was all about the candy. GAAAH, just call it candy land, you are NOT being clever.  Yes, I know I’m complaining about something silly, but when you’re surrounded by mimes that keep touching you and sneaking up to you from behind you might get a little grouchy.  There was also people on stilts, jugglers (that kept dropping the balls), magicians (that acted like that just to eager waiter that waits till you just have so much food in your mouth and now you have to say, yes I’m okay.  This guy was worse! he kept doing magic right at the table and kept asking people to pick a card when their faces were stuffed) and the balloon animal makers.

It wasn’t all bad,  I have to say the end when I could leave was my favourite part, even the hour long drive home was better than there.  Hey, at least the place was pretty.

DSC02437 DSC02440 DSC02439 DSC02438 DSC02441 DSC02433

Happy Weekend 😀

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