Sundays are for…Birthdays

Yes, Sunday was my Birthday and it was a sober one, it turned out to be the best one I’ve ever had. O and I can remember it clearly, so I can remember these beautiful memories for years to come.

I got woken up by sunflowers and presents 😀 it was a lovely surprise and to get a pretty teapot, orchid ( I wont kill this one) and the walking dead comic book.  Thanks Carl, you the best soul bro!

DSC02583 DSC02576 DSC02575 DSC02585

The day was spend at Mountain Sanctuary Park, let me tell you this place is amazing its a must visit for everyone visiting South Africa.

Now for the photos, because pics or it didn’t happen.

DSC02574 DSC02573 DSC02570 DSC02567 DSC02565 DSC02563 DSC02561 DSC02560 DSC02558 DSC02552 DSC02547 DSC02546 DSC02545 DSC02544 DSC02543 DSC02541 DSC02540 DSC02542 DSC02539 DSC02538 DSC02537 DSC02536 DSC02535

I also picked up this delicious vegan ice cream from fresh earth the best shop you will ever go to.


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