Survive a concert with a sober buddy

Being sober does not mean you have to miss out on big events like the foo fighters finally coming to your country!

Let me tell you things sure does seem way more difficult when you’re not drinking, that entrance gate you just happened to find on the first try when you’ve been drinking.  My first sober concert seemed like a never ending maze of trying to find the right entrance, walking in the wrong directions, inappropriate shoes for a trek that seemed to never end, staring at the main stage lights wondering if you have epilepsy and continue to stare at the flashing lights, finally realizing what the hell am I doing, focus on the band! and the sleepies, the sleepies hits you hard when it finally arrives, but you have to just push through.

How to survive a concert when people keep offering you drinks when they know you’re not drinking any more and all the temptation all around you.  The key is to have a sober buddy.

DSC02680 DSC02665

A sober buddy that will keep you on the right track and will tell you no means no!  A sober buddy at any event that will have a lot of alcohol is a great idea, you have someone to drink water with and talk to in a clear state.

Don’t miss great events just, because you’re not drinking.  Get your sober buddy today.  It was a wonderful show, that I’m glad I could remember for years to come.

P.S  We were sitting so high up that I got vertigo.

DSC02680 DSC02683 DSC02661 DSC02662 DSC02667 DSC02664 DSC02663 DSC02668 DSC02670 DSC02671


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