Weekend Recap

I love this time of the year, its one of those special holidays were you can be as kitsch as you want to be and no one and I mean NO one can judge you.  All around you can see people getting ready for the Christmas festivities, last minute gift shopping and all the Christmas songs playing on repeat in every shop.

Over the weekend we decided to go try out concious 108 its a vegan cafe that serves amazing vegan food. I tried the blct wrap which had tofu bacon, vegan cheese and salad on it, oh what a treat it was indeed, but for real indulgence we had sweet potato fries with it, it was perfectly spiced with just the right amount of grease to make you go OMG, this is incredible!

So behold my weekend recap in photos.


^^ We chopped down a branch from a tree in the garden for more sun.


^^ Cake waiting to be turned into lamingtons.


^^ Home made granola.


^^ Vegetables packets and corn over the fire.


^^ Freshly picked vegetables.


^^ Rise of the vegetable hand. nooooo


^^ Monster string bean from the garden.


^^ Baby marrow and beans.


^^ Beautiful skies, to make you appreciate things.


^^ Salt and pepper shaker at concious 108.


^^ Delicious carrot and cucumber juice at concious 108.

DSC02763 DSC02762

^^ Belphie being lazy.


^^ Pretty Christmas tree.


^^ Tea time.


^^ The most indulgent, delicious and wonderful smoothie ever. My peaches and cream smoothie.

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas and really appreciate the family and friends they have in their life right now.  Happy Holidays.


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