Christmas 2014

This year Santa was a bit of a douche, what I woke up to Christmas morning was a horrible case of pinkeye. Oh and its not any better today, it looks like I was punched in the face, but a swollen eye is no reason to get upset.  Christmas was to wonderful for that.

Christmas eve we ate edamame and tofu chowmein. Christmas was a wonderful time of watching a lot of Christmas movies, taking photos of Belphie with his Santa hat (he loved his hat), pretending to be reindeer and eating the most delicious sweet potato dauphinoise. This is Christmas in photos.


^^ aint no mess like a Christmas mess.


^^ First attempt at our Christmas photo. I couldn’t stop laughing.


^^ Oh lamingtons how I miss you.


^^ Yum.


^^ Things started getting silly.


^^ cuties.


^^ Green tea time!

DSC02833 DSC02837

^^ Homemade Tofu chowmein


^^ So what’s up with Christmas crackers? why do they think all I wanted for Christmas was a measuring tape and a pencil sharpener?


^^ Vegan Stollen.

DSC02844 DSC02850

^^ love notes. ( that’s Carls hand)


^^ Sweet potato bake and roasted vegetables.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.


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