New Year 2015

This was definitely my favourite new years eve of all time, drinking mocktails, eating chips with salsa, binge watching roswell, getting silly and taking lots of photos, harassing Belphie to be in the photos and kissing to celebrate the arrival of the new year.  To celebrate being 2 months sober on the  first, I woke up without a hangover and felt absolutely great hold the absolut (vodka joke)!

This year I’m not going to have any new years resolutions, instead I’m going to try and have a great year and try and better myself everyday, becoming a stronger person in the process. For everyone with resolutions I hope you’re able to achieve them this year.  Hopefully this year will be filled with love, more adventures and way more cat cuddles.  Happy New Year everyone!

DSC03032 DSC03020 DSC03018 DSC03009 DSC02998 DSC03001 DSC03002 DSC03005 DSC03022 DSC03024 DSC03061 DSC03060 DSC03044 DSC03035 DSC03034


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