Cradle of Humankind

Being a tourist in your own country is one of the greatest things a person can experience, but lots of people just don’t try it.   South Africa is filled with a lot of beauty and heritage, its a place you can see beautiful mountains, oceans and countryside.  Its filled with a lot of different ancestry and all kinds of people, but together we are all South African.

The cradle of humankind is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been to, the building itself looks like something out of a Tolkien book and inside is a lot of wonder, activities and a really fun boat ride.

You start of going on a boat ride, retracing the various stages of the creation of earth, through snow, ice, water, the formation of the earth’s crust and when the earth was a fiery ball of molten rock.  After that its the vortex, which gave me a whole lot of the dizzies.  There is also an interactive zone which is great for kids and adults.  Seeing all the fossils was truly an amazing experience. I would recommend everyone go and visit at least once, to top it all off its situated in a beautiful area with views to die for.

DSC03082 DSC03110new DSC03091 DSC03088 DSC03085 DSC03083 DSC03068 DSC03069 DSC03078 DSC03094 DSC03096 DSC03106 DSC03107 DSC03109 DSC03116 DSC03117

Happy Monday 😀 Hopefully this Monday was a great one.


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