Garden Update

The weather here has been perfect garden growing weather, its either raining a lot or really hot and sunny.  With all the rain comes a lot of garden repair, like trying to get nutrients back in the ground,  getting your vegetables back to look lush and just photo worthy and of course the dreaded aphids.  What are aphids? The biggest pain in the ass insect ever created.  This little succubus can take your beautiful kale and turn it into spider webs, they just suck away at your plants and you know what? I wouldn’t mind sharing, but they’re everywhere! Just raping and pillaging at the kale, cabbage and broccoli like bad Viking insects.  You want to keep your garden organic and healthy, but boy do you start considering going full monsanto on these guys!, but like in any villain story there is a hero.

The ladybug,  luring these little beauties to your garden will solve all your aphid problems.  How do you get them to your garden? Unfortunately you can’t raise the ladybug signal light, you lure them with treats and water.  The treats being flowers, herbs and a chance to gorge themselves on aphids and the water, just being water.

Everything in the garden is doing really swell, so swell that we have a HUGE tomato plant growing in the flower garden, I have no idea how it got there, but its almost as tall as me and making the cutest little tomatoes in all the land, so you can stay dear tomato plant. The vegetable garden is producing loads of string beans, baby marrow, the pumpkin is a flowering and the tomatoes are reddening. I haven’t added anything new to the garden, waiting to get everything financed for the place, before I put more effort in, because I will take all my vegetable plant babies with me if I have to move.

Here are some photos of the garden.


^^ String beans, just hanging around on the wall.  What cool kids.


^^ Inside garden is  also doing lovely.  Please take note of the new pillow.  Her name is Princess Tofu and she’s our pug pillow.


^^ Pretty daisies.


^^ beans.


^^ Beautiful chocolate Mint.


^^ Tomatoes vine ripening.


^^ Broccoli and cauliflower growing away a storm.


^^ Big fatty! oxheart tomato


^^ pumpkins!


^^ This was our Christmas tree, that’s now the welcome to our home tree. Good job tree, you’re just a swell fella.


^^ Broccoli, cauliflower and bell pepper babies.


^^ This cucumber is growing in a container in the front garden to keep it under control.  Its doing so well, so proud of you.


^^ Just look at the  monster tomato plant growing at the back.


^^ The grass is finally starting to spread.


^^ cute tomatoes growing on the monster tomato plant.

Happy gardening!

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