A Gift From Sobriety

This sober adventure sure has been a roller coaster ride.  When I decided enough was enough, I did not know all the side effects/detoxing would be so terrible, the severe depression when you would go out and all you want is a glass of wine, I mean so depressed that you feel like crying, the headaches that just kept lingering, nightmares almost every night or the worst of all realizing alcohol was a crutch and not dealing with emotions normally, would make you a crying drunk at some point.

Two and half months into sobriety, I got the most amazing gift of all.  Great skin! When I was still drinking my skin was constantly dry, blotchy and I even started to notice light wrinkles, but now my skin has gone from that, to feeling healthy, radiant, even toned and I have even noticed the little wrinkles are gone.  Thinking back on it I think I had so much toxins in my body that I could kill a country!


^^ This is me without any foundation or concealer.  Up close and personal!

Sobriety has been a huge shocker for me, its made me realize that I was living life, but not truly experiencing it,  that life is way better without alcohol, that I don’t need a drink to function and that sleeping is way easier than I thought.

I’m still getting used to being sober, I mean its weird to be able to smell everything, taste food completely and kind of feeling high on life.  Who knew the world was so bright?!  This is a wonderful time in my life and I’m really excited to be experiencing without any beer goggles.

If I was drunk I would never have caught Belphie eyeing out Princess Tofu!


^^ What a poser

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.



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