A Weekend Filled With MAN FLU


On Friday I started feeling the early symptoms of a cold….dun dun duuuuuun, but I sent that cold straight to hell, with a lot of juice, smoothies, vegetables, tea and vitamin pills.  Unfortunately none of that helped Carl.  The man flu is real and it can’t be stopped, one second everything is okay and the next bam! You’re looking in the eyes of a sick baby, I felt really terrible, I woke up on Saturday feeling incredible and really hyper.


How do you deal with a man flu? Well first things first let them take all the pillows and make a weird pillow fort on the couch, while watching lots and lots of anime, secondly don’t get a shock when you go into the bathroom and find 3 towels used to dry themselves, just don’t ask any questions. The last and yet most important thing, treats have lots of treats on hand, this makes everything run smoothly.

It was a rather humorous weekend, I’m sure I was rather annoying, making him drinks cups and cups of yarrow tea, juicing it up and just making sure he is warm the whole time, but hey I got results! Health level back up!

That’s how you cure the man flu!

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