Grayed Jade

I’m really in love with this colour, its like my two favourite colours got married and had the most beautiful child in all the land.  Grayed Jade just looks good in everything, from dresses to home furniture just everything, If I could I would have my whole room painted this colour, just kidding, that would be a little obsessive…or will it?!  Its a soft pastel colour that just relaxes my mind, so just excuse me for a minute while I go find something to paint.

grayed_jade_green_geometric_throw_pillows-rb8d281506377478fa79f99245656c5ca_2i4t2_8byvr_512 Grayed-Jade-298x300 i-n9z56Gv-L-600x400 grey-pumpkins mintdress pantone-spring-colours-grayedjad benjwinter-wedding-04-e1362333418870 7_grayed-jade

What do you think about this colour? Should we become best friends and paint the town grayed jade?


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