Put the Love back into Valentines Day

With valentines day just around the corner, people are scrambling to find the perfect present, the perfect restaurant and the perfect way not to piss off your girlfriend/wife.  I’m not the biggest fan of valentines day, I would personally never go out on that day just to avoid people trying to get the fellah I’m with to buy roses and being really pushy about it, sitting in a packed restaurant with people staring into each others eyes like they’re seeing the season premier  of  the walking dead in them, I’m all for people loving valentines day, its a rather sweet day, but lets try and put the love back into it.  So here are some random ideas for valentines day, that are inexpensive and filled with love.


  1. Write a love letter:  Technology really has destroyed the beauty of love letters, a love email really just does not seem right.  Writing out your true feeling is something beautiful and will be cherished forever.
  2. Go for a picnic: Pack a lovely picnic for 2 and go to a beautiful place.
  3. Dressed up at home:  Get really dressed up, make dinner and play xbox all night long. Yeah, that’s how you bring the magic back in the lounge!
  4. Go to the place you first met: This will only work if its a nice place.  If I had to do this I would have to go to a club that doesn’t exist any more and be ignored or go to the bus station.
  5. Get a single heart chocolate: because why get more than one when you just want one heart and you already have it.
  6. If all else fail just propose, that’s a sure way to win valentines day.


Those are just a couple of ways to valentines day it up.  What will you be doing this valentines day?


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