Weekend Recap

Weekends come and go in a flash.  Things that should have been done, don’t get done, instead you have an anime, bedtime Sunday.  When I should have been boxing stuff up or at least finding boxes for the big move.  We finally found a perfectly little home for us, its a pretty little cottage located on a horse farm and views to die for!  We’ve already paid the deposit and will be slowly moving in during the course of this month, but with the amount of people that have lived in this house, we have a lot of junk lying around, needing to be sorted out and donated to charity.  Oh, did I mention this place comes with a puppy? yes, this place is just perfect.  I seem to be collecting unwanted animals from every place I live, because they’re all wanted by me.

Here are some photos of life lately:


^^ Crazy lightning.


^^ Belphie showing his sexy body.


^^ Valentines day heart cinnamon rolls.


^^ Wind in his hair.


^^ Pretty clouds.


^^ Saturday all ages shows.  Times like these you really feel old with the under eighteens around.

DSC03637 DSC03638

^^ Falafel at the greensider. YUM

DSC03639 DSC03643^^ Tomato Harvest!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy  Monday.

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