an instant of life captured for eternity

This weekend was a real productive one.  We carted so many boxes and crates to the new place, but yet it still feels like we’ve done nothing and that we still have a lot of general crap to move!  I’ve also started cleaning this place to make everything easier, before the big move.    I’m really giving this place a good deep clean, but you have to make a big giant mess before you eventually start seeing progress.

With all the moving chaos we still made time for fun and went to the Chinese New Year,  I recommend everyone goes to one of these at least once in their life,  its the best place to by really cheap lucky bamboo, next time I will definitely rather buy it closer to when we leave,  waving a bamboo stick around like I just don’t care, must have annoyed a lot of people!


^^ This is the look you get when you take sneaky photos…


^^ Checking out the crazy rose bush on our new gate.


^^ View from the new place.


^^ Nelson Mandela Bridge.


^^ Such a pretty herb garden at the sheds in the city.


^^ Graffiti wall. DSC03744new

^^ Baggers!  I have no idea what you call bag piping folk.


^^ You have one little kiss, next thing you know you have a lion running next to you.  This was pretty sweet.


^^ Dragon!


^^ Pretty fireworks.

DSC03763 DSC03762 DSC03761^^ Awkward smiling!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


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