What I wore Wednesday

I know this is not how I feel Wednesday, but I need to take a minute here to just complain about this move.  So this weekend is the big move day, that means we will be moving all the big items, but this week is the major clean up and trying to box everything.  It is etiquette to clean the house before you leave right? Its like an unspoken rule? Please let me have made this up!!!   After packing away like a bajillion guitar cables and wondering why I’m in this hell, I’ve finally reached my limit, all this crap has finally beaten me and let me just say I moved here with just a small bag of clothes, so none of this is my shit…..One man a million items of shit, that will be Carl’s documentary, when I start shooting for this exposé.  I know I will have to continue sorting out this move eventually, but for now I’m out yo!

Next! What I wore Wednesday, the almost empty lounge edition!

DSC03834 DSC03832 DSC03846 DSC03847

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