House Tour!

It feels like forever since I posted or for that matter been on the internet!  Waiting to get our internet set up here has taken way longer than disconnecting it at our old place.  When we disconnected it I almost shed a tear while thinking “we still have a day left of this contract :(“, but the new internet provider is way better! I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would see a full signal bar.

The move to the new abode was rather painless,  I realized I might have some issues and get overly upset for really silly reasons, like Carl’s family not boxing things up in the right way.  I think everything should be organized and correctly marked so I don’t open a box and wonder why their is a plant in it.  A plant you guys…a plant in the box.

Having transported cats before, I expected Belphie to be making demon meows and general cat tomfoolery on the way, but instead he was acting all calm, which freaked me out way more, it seemed like he was planning to kill us in our sleep, but he seems to have settled in well.  He was a little scared when he heard a cow for the first time and he did have some angry teenage angst, while peeing on the couch while looking at me, but he seems to be a happy little farm kitty now.

Now for some photos:


^^ Hot air balloon in the sky.


^^ This bird is always just chilling on the fence.  Pretty little bird.


^^ Added some grass from our old place to the corner garden.


^^ Front porch and the vegetable rack drying.


^^ Porch.  We have some beautiful roses growing in the front,  I can’t wait to see them in full bloom.


^^ Belphie in the bathroom inspecting the door.


^^ Our bedroom.  This is still a work in progress, but I have to say this is the loveliest bedroom I’ve ever had.  Waking up with a beautiful view and just the general feel of this room makes me really happy.


^^ Belphie’s food station all set up.


^^ Pretty flowers picked in the field.


^^ Pot plant station on the porch.


^^ Lots of books needing to be put away.


^^ We decided to get rid of the one double mattress we had in the spare room, because it was just horrible and its not like we have lots of guests.  We turned the second bedroom into a reading room/study.  We got rid of the desk that was at the other place, because it was way to small and fragile, so no the hunt is on for a perfect table.


^^ I love the floors in the house. The cracks just give it so much character.


^^ Yellow kitchen rug.


^^ Kitchen!


^^ Kitchen!


^^ This guy is called Prime Minister Pugsley Pugsworth The Third.


^^ more kitchen!


^^ Fruit bowls, with lots of fruit.


^^ Art hanging pretty.  This is the open space, that’s for a dinning room table, at our old place there was no space for a table, so the second hunt is for a perfect dinning room table.  The hunt of the tables.


^^ Plants and trinkets 🙂


^^ white lamps and art work on the wall.


^^ Pillow nation couch.


^^ Side table plants.


^^ Lounge


^^ Wasabi just chilling in his new home.


^^ Sunset from the porch.

DSC03924 DSC03918

^^ art wall.

DSC03917 DSC03916

^^ more art.

Still lots to do, but this place is really lovely and I’m just having a ball.  Instead of having a loud neighbour, I now have jackals.  I can now sleep the night away without waking up.

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour 🙂


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