an instant of life captured for eternity

The first full weekend at our new place sure was a productive one, with so many little projects to do around the house and the garden life sure seems full.  Its a good busy and I’m enjoying all the little projects,  the fact that it feels like I’m eating lunch at a beautiful park when I’m home sure is lovely.

We also went to check out a local farmers market, that was absolutely terrible.  They had 5 stalls and most of them sold strange things I wouldn’t expect to see at a farmers market.

Let the photo dump commence!


^^ This was how happy we looked before we saw the farmers market.


^^ Belphies favourite spot.


^^ Compost for the garden.


^^ Getting old school with our push mower.  This sure is a workout.


^^ Pretty sunset.

DSC03999new ^^ We got a ukulele so we can play some sweet island jams right on our porch.


^^ Belphie getting real comfy.


^^ The start to the raised garden.


^^ I’ve decided to start a medicinal garden and this enchinacea is the start to it.


^^ Found a potato plant in the garden.


^^ My first attempt at mosaic.  I’m trying it with this old tin outside table.

DSC04016new^^ Our pathway to the house.

Hope everyone had a smashing weekend


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