Birthday Fun Day

Around here we don’t just celebrate a birthday for a day, we make it a Birthday weekend.  Birthday weekends are filled with whatever the birthday person wants to do.

We celebrated Carl’s birthday with a four layer vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and peppermint crisp tart.  The peppermint crisp tart was not vegan, but for a special little birthday boy you make whatever they want.  The peppermint crisp tart was devoured, I mean one second it was there and the next it was gone and on your birthday you don’t get lectures from me about diabetes.

We played a lot of xbox, did some  gardening projects and even fed the horses who decided to be our very large lawnmowers.  They did an amazing job,  the lawn looks wonderfully manicured, except for the giant and I mean giant horse poop right on the lawn.

Take a look at all the birthday fun


^^ Birthday presents and cake, that’s the birthday staple.  Lego what every grown man wants.


^^ Look at that big clump of grass.


^^ Look at those huge nostrils!


^^ In the carrot zone.


^^ Devoured peppermint crisp tart.


^^ Oldie came to say happy birthday.

DSC04227new^^Birthday boy being all pretty.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


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