Garden Update

Since moving to the new place, I truly believe everything happens for a reason.  Trying so hard to get a loan for the previous place only for it to fail was probably one of the best things that could have happened.  Farm living is wonderful, I have so much space for gardening and my mind is constantly buzzing with new projects I want to start.  The fact that I don’t hear or hardly see my neighbours is just pure bliss!

The mosquitoes are the size of houses and they have no shame when it comes to sucking on your face, and somehow they’re immune to anything citronella, but that’s just one small setback, my pimp hand has gotten strong from all the slapping I’ve done.  I slapped a mosquito so hard I actually fell over! No joke!

Everything is growing wonderfully in the raised garden and I just added a peas teepee to the garden for added whimsy.

I finally planted the medicinal garden and gave everything appropriate space to spread and grow, I planted a bunch of spreaders, but I’ll be using these things frequently.  I also added some flowers to the medicinal garden for extra prettiness.

The roses are about to bloom and seem to be doing lovely, we also added some new indoor friends into the mix.  If you remember slim Jimmy our Christmas cacti, I have some bad news.  Sadly, he got eaten by one of the dogs and fat Ricky lost his hat and face.  Farm dogs can apparently eat cacti guys.

Now! Lets look at some pretty gardening photos


^^ Indoor plant found a new place to call home.


^^ Pretty lavender.


^^ Chamomile saying hello to the world.


^^ Roses


^^ I love the colours of this flower


^^ Dahlias sitting pretty.


^^ Feed me Seymour! Indoor plants waiting to get watered.


^^ New edition to the flower family.


^^ Nasturtium popping up.


^^ Raised garden and things growing.


^^ Teepee


^^ Medicinal garden.DSC04305

^^ Pretty new flower.

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay classy.

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