Beets Me Juice

Ever since I started juicing, I’ve constantly been thinking of everything I can juice, trying new things and just enjoying the process.  What I’ve noticed from juicing is the way it makes me feel.  I feel a lot healthier, rejuvenated and just filled with energy.  My skin also looks fabulous.

Lots of people complain about the leftover pulp, but boy does my garden thank me for it.  The pulp makes an excellent plant food for my flowers and I don’t even bother composting it, I just dig a hole next to the plants and chuck the pulp right in and cover it.  Easy as that.

Beetroot is a root vegetable that makes a great juice, the colour alone is something to jump for joy about.  A friendly warming, everything will look like a murder scene.  This little ball has a lot of juice in it that just want to go everywhere.  So please DO NOT wear white, when making this juice.


  1. Prevents premature ageing:   Beets are filled with antioxidant and because of the high antioxidant level in them they will help prevent cell and DNA damage, that causes ageing.
  2. Detoxes the liver:  The glycine beteine supports liver detoxification and stimulates the function of liver cells.  Beet juice benefits the liver by protecting it against fatty depositions causes by alcohol abuse.
  3. Immune boosting: The juice boosts the immune system and helps fight inflammation .

This juice doesn’t just contain beetroot.  It also contains carrots which is great for you eyesight and skin, spinach which is great for digestion and is an anti-inflammatory and ginger that’s great for immunity boosting and helps with nausea.




  • 1 large red beet, washed and chopped
  • 2 large carrots, washed and chopped
  • 1 cup spinach, washed
  • 1 inch piece ginger
  • 1 large apple


Place everything through your juicer.  Give it a good stir and serve over ice or as is.  Sit back and admire the colour, and prepare yourself for the most beety juice you will ever have.


What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everybody.

This What I wore Wednesday is inspired by me trying to prove a point to Carl.  It all started a week ago when I told him I will no longer try to look pretty for him. because he just doesn’t appreciate it.  Instead  I will wear sweat shirts, pants and crazy hair, his response? but you will look cute!  I set off to make him regret saying that and when he saw me all he couldn’t stop saying how cool I looked, well that backfired and  I really like this outfit.

This is the what  I wore Wednesday spite edition. haha

DSC04796 DSC04797

Polenta Fries


My guilty pleasure has always been fries, and when I went vegan it became a comfort food for when I had to eat out.  It has been a comfort food that has been banned from the house thanks to Carl’s allergy to potatoes, but that doesn’t mean we suffer, you just have to get creative and have a french fries party!  Polenta fries, avocado fries and sweet potato fries, now that’s how you put the comfort in comfort food.

These polenta fries are crisp and flavourful, really easy to make and they just look so good.




  • 4 cups vegetable stock
  • 1 1/2 cups yellow cornmeal
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 3 tbsp sunflower oil
  • salt and pepper to taste


Pour vegetable stock in medium saucepan over medium heat.    Slowly whisk in the cornmeal.  Be careful this stuff can erupt like a volcano if you look away for to long.  You will start to feel it get thicker, bring to a simmer and when its a thick creamy polenta its done, remove from heat. Fold in coconut oil and season with salt and pepper.


Pour mixture into a large greased baking sheet.  Spread evenly.   Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes.  Refrigerate for 1 hour or you can just leave it until its completely cooled and firm.


Flip the pan over and allow the polenta slab to pop out.  Start cutting the polenta into fries.


Place a large skillet over medium high heat and heat the sunflower oil.    Fry the polenta in batches until golden.  Remove and sprinkle with seasoning.  Serve immediately with your favourite dipping sauce.

DSC04712 DSC04714

an instant of life captured for eternity

Happy Monday! Its a public holiday here so whooohooo for more fun time.  This weekend was jam packed with errands.  Monthly food shopping, getting Carl a new phone,  getting CFA books on the tablet, but it wasn’t all just about the errands.  At an attempt to be cool we decided to go all the way to the city to the hip and happening part called maboneng.  The bioscope  had say anything 1989 movie showing for classic movie night, but the movie didn’t even make it to 20 minutes, before some error happened and we all had to be refunded.  Trying to do anything else in this super busy and drunken area was near impossible,  its also strange seeing the poorest of the poor people just up the road and then the rich, cultured people living in this fancy part in the city.  We ended up just going home and watching the movie online. Comfy clothes, tea and an old school movie, the best kind of night for me.

I’m just going to unload my photos right here.  Let the photo dump commence.


^^ This photo can never explain how orange this soup was.


^^ I just figured out that the chrome dinosaur is a game.  I’m sad it took me this long to figure it out.  It would have made so many none internet days fun.  I’m obsessed with this game now.

DSC04724 - Copy

^^ This little  lady never leaves.

DSC04722 - Copy

^^ This dog is still a puppy and like all puppies he’s really clumsy and just collapses in everything.


^^ Yarn everywhere.  What do you think I’m going to do with it.


^^ Between two ferns.


^^ The gallery ceiling.


^^ Strange shoes on a wall.


^^ Pretty buildings.


^^ Busy, busy city life.


DSC04758 DSC04757

^^ Independent cinema at its finest.  I mean when the movies work.


^^ Maboneng Lifestyle.

DSC04755 DSC04754 DSC04753 DSC04751

^^ This was on the wall at arts on main.


^^ Movie flop.


^^ Fruit bowl all filled up.


^^ The sideshow Bob of the fern world.


^^ Pretty new flowers.


^^ Car filled with plants.


^^ Beautifully painted Nelson Mandela painting.


^^ This painting seemed to have a frame inside a frame.  It was frame-ception.


^^ Pretty smile.


^^ This cat is a stray living in a nursery.

DSC04736^^ pretty nights.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is ready for a wonderful new week.

Harry Potter Home Inspiration – Professor Dumbledore’s Office

Yes, its Friday and that means its time for Harry Potter home inspiration.  I will probably run out of steam with this soon, but until then I will enjoy these fun blog posts.

Professor Dumbledore’s office, is a rather cluttered space, filled with books, globes and memories suitable of a hundred and something year old wizard.  His space is filled with bold statement pieces and walls covered in bookcases.   The art work consists of a lot of portraits with big frames.  His office makes me giddy with possibility.

8266247381_aaa217accd - Copy download Dumbledore's_office_UE_booklet_1 Headmaster's_Office_pic1 (1) images

Here is my take on his office.

bench-style -office-desks-from-pottery-barn-small-and-large-hendrix-2 Antique-Office-Desks-theodore_alexander_desks_vintage_wood_wooden_316 - Copy Wood_Office_Desk_Rich_Brown_Finish_800466_Coaster_Furniture

^^ The first thing you have to get is a bold statement desk and all these have that chunky, wooden I should be in your office right now, feel to them.

london_wingback Office-chairs-009 464e7c068875d720b9cf3c2e4038c0e6 - Copy

^^ These bold chair is enough to make anyone feel like a headmaster of a school.  Remember you need something that will support your very large wizard hat when you lean back.

boy-bedroom-decorating-ideas-boys-bedrooms-9 2792d66d7f478744ef12909c3a5eea32 - Copy 15Z-Tuscan-Home-Office-870x572 - Copy DSC_0230 Fabulous-Wall-Turned-Bookcase-Design-Ideas-with-Green-Ladder hallway-closer-to-staircase-ladder

^^ A wall bookcase with a ladder, should be in my house right now! I’m just in love with these and need to get my book collection to this level.

WWCHAN36HL 1889000254096426 - Copy 5857.Untitled-2 - Copy 41LkTK3iN5L._SL500_ - Copy 34c833c4196a3d45e6c02651836258d1 - Copy

^^ These bold lantern theme chandeliers are the perfect take on Dumbledore’s office.  The one kind of looks like a drone, but I like it.

23269bac1a1890390b6e552f8da99684 - Copy 7c5505bb63cfcfdb42471cabd49cda77 - Copy 15-Framing - Copy tumblr_n7bjpnL3nH1su15jlo1_1280

^^ I’m not a big fan of having portraits as art, but these sure did change my mind.

tumblr_n8ch8pq2Da1sr2ekno1_500 eclectic-home-decor Decorating-Vintage-Globes 66dff658ac69a7bff0f76fc8950ba116 - Copy

^^ I’m already a big fan of globes.  I guess I have a little Dumbledore in me.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you found some inspiration from this post.  Decorating your house should be fun and not a chore. Enjoy it!

Face Mask For Eczema

Carl suffers from some really unpleasant eczema.  I mean face peeling, looking like a snake shedding his skin kind of unpleasant.  I’ve never had eczema so I just told him to lotion up his face with coconut oil, boy was that a huge mistake! It really made things way worse.  Yes, I did feel bad, but I did come up with this wonderful face mask that relieved his symptoms and made his eczema go away almost immediately.

I have to say I wish I used this face mask as well, I noticed so many great benefits from it for the skin.  His deep forehead wrinkles were so much lighter and hardly noticeable, he also had a perfectly matte finished face, that was soft to the touch and he was a perfect even tone.  I was really jealous of his face, especially when your significant other keeps saying he’s beautiful.  The only thing that made me feel better is having the image of him trying to eat his face mask the whole time…

What makes this mask so great?


Its only consists of 2 ingredients, keeping it simple yet effective.  Its also an avocado based face mask, which is known for rejuvenating the skin.  Filled with vitamin C, A and E which is essential for the skin.


The second, but most vital ingredient is the rooibos tea.  Tea in a face mask?! Yes, rooibos tea is known to aid in relieving eczema.  Cooled rooibos tea applied directly to the infected area soothes and helps fight the inflammation of eczema.

On a side note.  I might be the only South African that really hates rooibos.  I’ve been known to say things like it tastes red and like a bush, what a stupid name.  But in true form I do have a large supply of rooibos in my house.  I love using it in kombucha and for skin problems.

FACE MASK FOR ECZEMAapply once a week or as needed



  • 1/2 a ripe avocado
  • 2 tbsp cooled rooibos tea


Place the ingredients into a bowl and mash until its in a smoothish paste.  Apply the mask to entire face, making sure not to get it into your eyes.  A thick layer does wonders, so don’t skimp on it.  Leave the mask on for 20 – 30 minutes.  Wipe the mask of with cool facecloth.  Now look in the mirror and admire your pretty face.

What I wore Wednesday

Happy little Friday! or Hump day.  I really don’t like calling it hump day, when did Wednesday become a camel? but whooohooo half way through the week.

If you have been following my what I wore Wednesday blog posts, you might have noticed my style or fashion sense is all over the show, I like a lot of different kinds of outfits and styles, its never consistently the same.  I like a little bit of everything, it keeps life interesting and fun.  One thing that is consistent is the lipstick, I love lipstick.  It just jazzes up any outfit.

DSC04686 DSC04688

Also look at the house plant.  Its really getting tall. I’m starting to feel bad about myself.  I’ve stopped growing and this plant seems like its going to be taller than me soon.

Chickpeas and Kale Minestrone Soup

The weather is getting colder and with colder weather it means soup season is finally here.  Well I think soup season should be whenever you want it to be.

This soup smells so amazing while cooking, its also really easy to assemble and its packed full of veggies.  Its a very versatile soup, so use the veggies you have on hand.



DSC04637 DSC04638


  •  2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 onion, peeled and finely chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 celery stalks, diced
  • 2 large carrots, diced
  • 1 small zucchini, diced
  • 1 cup string beans, chopped
  • 1 cup kale chopped
  • 1 can chickpeas, drained
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp fresh oregano, chopped
  • 2 tbsp fresh basil, chopped
  • 1 cup pasta, I used bowtie pasta
  • 6 cups vegetable stock


Heat the olive oil in a large pot over medium high heat. Add the onion and cook until translucent.  Stirring to prevent sticking.   Add the garlic and cook till fragrant.  Add the remaining ingredients and simmer until the vegetables and pasta are tender 10 -20 minutes.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Serve with a crusty bread.

an instant of life captured for eternity.

Sunday we celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  Yay! 2 years with the most perfect person for me.   You would think we would have done something great, but we did a whole lot of nothing.  Carl is  studying hard and putting a lot of effort into passing his CFA exam.  The exam is only in December, but its a lot to cover and I would rather support him in accomplishing his goals, and help him pass. by being supportive, besides everyday should be a celebration of our love, the little things are worth more than anything that can be bought.

I did get surprised with a bunch of sunflowers and a lovely necklace.  I also fell in love with a pumpkin.  The most beautiful pumpkin ever, I love it so much, I don’t know how I’m going to eat it and not look at it everyday thinking how amazing it is.  Okay, okay.  Enough weirdness, lets look at my weekend in photos.


^^ Pretty sunflowers.


^^ The sky just looked magnificent on this day!


^^ This dog never leaves.  We’ve become real homies and I’ve even given him a name.  I think she likes her new name more.


^^ Anniversary necklace.  I really liked the back.


^^ Anniversary Necklace. Front.


^^ The desk, filled with study material.


^^ I’ve decided to finish my scarf Carl was making.  So I can have it before I’m a hundred haha.


^^ The light was just wonderful.


^^ Carl striking a pose.

DSC04625 DSC04626 DSC04628 DSC04629

^^ Study Study Study.


^^ Belphie doesn’t care if you’re eating hot soup.  He only cares about his sits.


^^ The love of my life….This pumpkin!

Harry Potter Home Inspirations – The Dursley’s


Finding inspiration from Harry Potter is rather easy.  You can find something that everyone will like.  Unlike the Weasley’s the Dursley’s have a more feminine with a slight hint of sophistication home.  The Dursley’s are not a likeable bunch, but you can see some lovely decor in their home.  The neutral striped wallpaper, big framed wall art, little room under the stairs, floral print, large standing lamps, wall sconce, big display cabinet, the beautiful round dining room table all makes this a wonderfully splendid home.

hp3 HarryPotter1Moment2 Dursleys_have_visitors MargeBalloon

This is my take on the Dursley house

Rayn Properties Architectural Images traditional-wall-sconces

^^ I love these sconce.  Its a beautifully modern take on the classic looking sconce seen in the Dursley house.

^^I really like the look of wallpaper and this one is just something special.  Don’t even get me started on my love of stripes.

Under-Stair-Boys-Room-Designs-02 rest-room-under-stair

^^ Harry doesn’t live under these stairs, but these are sure good ideas.  A small guest loo that is sure to impress to your guest and bring out the child in you and a lovely reading spot, it just makes me crave stairs.

large-canvas-art-peacock-oil-painting-modern The Everygirl NYC Fizz 56 Apartment Shoot by Michelle Lange Photographer

^^ Large framed art.  Art grouping just looks pleasing to the eye.


^^ This is a lovely standing lamp that will just look good in any room.


^^ I’m not the biggest fan of floral, but these curtains makes me giddy with excitement.  Its feminine and soft that makes this area feel lovely.


^^ I love this display cabinet, its a modern take on that slightly outdated cabinet seen in the Dursley house.

D583-15BI all-black-round-dining-table-and-chairs

^^  There is just something about a round dining room table, it feels more intimate in a away and really can make a room look open and breezy

Maybe now you will like the Dursley’s just a tad!

Happy Friday everyone.