an instant of life captured for eternity

When your whole weekend is a lazy Sunday, you know its a good one.  Well my kind of lazy,  I made my first Ezekiel bread, that turned out amazingly, no thanks to all the really horrible recipes out there, it required a lot of tweaking, but in the end it turned out great, dense yet moist.  We attempted to go for a hike, but it seemed like a biblical plague of frogs all over the trail, it was incredibly horrible for me, I was near tears and kept jumping on Carl.  You know you have a keeper when he doesn’t mind going home, because you are acting like a crazy, jumping lunatic.


^^ These birds were strange, it was hailing like crazy, but they just kept chilling in the garden, but made a fly for it eventually.


^^ Looking out at the trees.


^^ Raindrops on the window.


^^ The hanging pot plant had the best view.


^^ No, this is not a titanic scene…. My hand print.


^^ Roses getting hit hard.


^^ Look at the size of those raindrops.


^^ A wee bit of Sherlock Holmes.


^^ Finally build this.


^^ Carl insists that I cut his hair no matter how much I don’t want to. New do thanks to me, also look at the provocative pose


^^ Pretty marigolds.


^^ Belphie, just catting about.


^^ Rooibos kombucha. Perfectly bubbly and really yummy.


^^ Ezekiel bread, sitting pretty.


^^ Echinacea  and Yarrow Tinctures.  Getting my hippie on.DSC04510

^^ the impending storm.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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