an instant of life captured for eternity.

Sunday we celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  Yay! 2 years with the most perfect person for me.   You would think we would have done something great, but we did a whole lot of nothing.  Carl is  studying hard and putting a lot of effort into passing his CFA exam.  The exam is only in December, but its a lot to cover and I would rather support him in accomplishing his goals, and help him pass. by being supportive, besides everyday should be a celebration of our love, the little things are worth more than anything that can be bought.

I did get surprised with a bunch of sunflowers and a lovely necklace.  I also fell in love with a pumpkin.  The most beautiful pumpkin ever, I love it so much, I don’t know how I’m going to eat it and not look at it everyday thinking how amazing it is.  Okay, okay.  Enough weirdness, lets look at my weekend in photos.


^^ Pretty sunflowers.


^^ The sky just looked magnificent on this day!


^^ This dog never leaves.  We’ve become real homies and I’ve even given him a name.  I think she likes her new name more.


^^ Anniversary necklace.  I really liked the back.


^^ Anniversary Necklace. Front.


^^ The desk, filled with study material.


^^ I’ve decided to finish my scarf Carl was making.  So I can have it before I’m a hundred haha.


^^ The light was just wonderful.


^^ Carl striking a pose.

DSC04625 DSC04626 DSC04628 DSC04629

^^ Study Study Study.


^^ Belphie doesn’t care if you’re eating hot soup.  He only cares about his sits.


^^ The love of my life….This pumpkin!


2 thoughts on “an instant of life captured for eternity.

  1. earthgirldiet says:

    Congrats on your anniversary. For some reason when I opened this up from my email, I couldn’t see all the pictures, so I’ll try again directly, as I really would like to see them.

    May 7th is mine and my husband’s 4th anniversary as well. Glad you had a great, special day! ~Tracy

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