Face Mask For Eczema

Carl suffers from some really unpleasant eczema.  I mean face peeling, looking like a snake shedding his skin kind of unpleasant.  I’ve never had eczema so I just told him to lotion up his face with coconut oil, boy was that a huge mistake! It really made things way worse.  Yes, I did feel bad, but I did come up with this wonderful face mask that relieved his symptoms and made his eczema go away almost immediately.

I have to say I wish I used this face mask as well, I noticed so many great benefits from it for the skin.  His deep forehead wrinkles were so much lighter and hardly noticeable, he also had a perfectly matte finished face, that was soft to the touch and he was a perfect even tone.  I was really jealous of his face, especially when your significant other keeps saying he’s beautiful.  The only thing that made me feel better is having the image of him trying to eat his face mask the whole time…

What makes this mask so great?


Its only consists of 2 ingredients, keeping it simple yet effective.  Its also an avocado based face mask, which is known for rejuvenating the skin.  Filled with vitamin C, A and E which is essential for the skin.


The second, but most vital ingredient is the rooibos tea.  Tea in a face mask?! Yes, rooibos tea is known to aid in relieving eczema.  Cooled rooibos tea applied directly to the infected area soothes and helps fight the inflammation of eczema.

On a side note.  I might be the only South African that really hates rooibos.  I’ve been known to say things like it tastes red and like a bush, what a stupid name.  But in true form I do have a large supply of rooibos in my house.  I love using it in kombucha and for skin problems.

FACE MASK FOR ECZEMAapply once a week or as needed



  • 1/2 a ripe avocado
  • 2 tbsp cooled rooibos tea


Place the ingredients into a bowl and mash until its in a smoothish paste.  Apply the mask to entire face, making sure not to get it into your eyes.  A thick layer does wonders, so don’t skimp on it.  Leave the mask on for 20 – 30 minutes.  Wipe the mask of with cool facecloth.  Now look in the mirror and admire your pretty face.


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