an instant of life captured for eternity

Happy Monday! Its a public holiday here so whooohooo for more fun time.  This weekend was jam packed with errands.  Monthly food shopping, getting Carl a new phone,  getting CFA books on the tablet, but it wasn’t all just about the errands.  At an attempt to be cool we decided to go all the way to the city to the hip and happening part called maboneng.  The bioscope  had say anything 1989 movie showing for classic movie night, but the movie didn’t even make it to 20 minutes, before some error happened and we all had to be refunded.  Trying to do anything else in this super busy and drunken area was near impossible,  its also strange seeing the poorest of the poor people just up the road and then the rich, cultured people living in this fancy part in the city.  We ended up just going home and watching the movie online. Comfy clothes, tea and an old school movie, the best kind of night for me.

I’m just going to unload my photos right here.  Let the photo dump commence.


^^ This photo can never explain how orange this soup was.


^^ I just figured out that the chrome dinosaur is a game.  I’m sad it took me this long to figure it out.  It would have made so many none internet days fun.  I’m obsessed with this game now.

DSC04724 - Copy

^^ This little  lady never leaves.

DSC04722 - Copy

^^ This dog is still a puppy and like all puppies he’s really clumsy and just collapses in everything.


^^ Yarn everywhere.  What do you think I’m going to do with it.


^^ Between two ferns.


^^ The gallery ceiling.


^^ Strange shoes on a wall.


^^ Pretty buildings.


^^ Busy, busy city life.


DSC04758 DSC04757

^^ Independent cinema at its finest.  I mean when the movies work.


^^ Maboneng Lifestyle.

DSC04755 DSC04754 DSC04753 DSC04751

^^ This was on the wall at arts on main.


^^ Movie flop.


^^ Fruit bowl all filled up.


^^ The sideshow Bob of the fern world.


^^ Pretty new flowers.


^^ Car filled with plants.


^^ Beautifully painted Nelson Mandela painting.


^^ This painting seemed to have a frame inside a frame.  It was frame-ception.


^^ Pretty smile.


^^ This cat is a stray living in a nursery.

DSC04736^^ pretty nights.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is ready for a wonderful new week.

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