Hike Day!

Happy Friday everyone!

Today was a public holiday over her, so to celebrate we went on a 5 hour hike, that was really filled with almost all my fears.  A ladder made out of tyres that just didn’t feel safe, and just went to far into a cave, I was overcome with fear and wanted to cry so I decided not to do.  The suspension bridge that people (Men) kept jumping on to make it extremely wobbly, like any sane person I waited till everyone crossed, before making my own SOLO attempt over. I ran.  It was an extremely beautiful hike, but really long, I wished we took one of the escape roots to make it a little bit shorter, the last hour was a little bit boring and felt like it would never end.  We had chats about the hobbit’s from lord of the rings and I recited lines from it to ease some boredom and make the walk feel shorter.  It really just did not work.

The end of the hike you have to go on a little one seater cable car that you have to pull to get yourself over the river, if you didn’t have much momentum you really have a hard time pulling yourself to the other side.

It was a lovely hike, filled with beauty and will do it again in a heartbeat.  If you are ever in Johannesburg I really recommend Hennop’s trail.


^^ Beautiful river rapidly flowing.


^^ This was when I was calmly trying to get over the bridge…It started shaking…I ran.


^^ The bridge over the river.


^^ Clear skies.


^^ This was a random cave, that was really dark, without a flash light we decided not to attempt going in.


^^ This view is mystical.


^^ The last escape route we decided not to take…. BIG MISTAKE

DSC_0138 DSC_0139 DSC_0141 DSC_0144

^^ I forgot to take a hat….really regretted it, but hey walking around like a pyramid seemed to help some shade.


^^ This tree is something special.

DSC_0148 DSC_0151 DSC_0158

^^ I decided to 90″s it.

& DSC_0161

^^ This building seemed really awesome, but all that was inside was a wasps nest.

DSC_0061 - Copy

^^ Little blue tractor

DSC_0067 - Copy

^^ walking amongst the trees.

DSC_0071 - Copy

^^ Just taking some photos.

DSC_0079 - Copy

^^ Some people clearly did not see this sign.


^^ I kinda look like grumpy cat here, but nature is best enjoyed with some silly time and a ridiculous hiking outfit.

^^DSC_0090 DSC_0095 DSC04850

^^ Tire ladder.


^^ Raaaaaaaaaaaawr


^^ Pretty flowers along the trail.

DSC04871 DSC04881 DSC04893 DSC04910 DSC04911 DSC04912

Enjoy the weekend everybody!


2 thoughts on “Hike Day!

  1. earthgirldiet says:

    Looks gorgeous. It reminds me of areas in the Southwestern U.S. where I have lived and hiked, especially New Mexico and Arizona. It always feels good at the end of the day to have conquered some fears as well. 🙂 ~Tracy

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