an instant of life captured for eternity

Hello Sunshine the earth says hello!

Happy Monday everyone, I hope your weekend was productive and filled with lots of fun. If it wasn’t you have many more, so try, try again.

My weekend was wonderful, filled with fun and love.  After the 5 hour hike I felt great the whole weekend.  Carl on the other hand, walked like an old man and had aches and pains all over.  I felt slightly bad, but its all good for his health, even if he doesn’t think so now.  The whole weekend I had a little limping hunchback walking next to me.  It was exceptionally cute and I just couldn’t stop laughing.

Instead of telling you about it let me just show you.


^^ Fleamarket shopping is just the best.  Just look at this beautiful vintage video camera we found for a steal of a price.


^^ The big empty space in our house has been filled! With a great carpet and a crate filled with books and records.  We will put a record player on the top and make this a real chill area.


^^ Looking out at JHB.


^^ I love this kimono.


^^ African chairs at the fleamarket.


^^ These guys are made by hand.  Made with wire and beads.  So beautiful.

DSC_0199~2new ^^Colourful knitted ponchos.


^^ This market is in a parking lot.  Rather strange, but awesome at the same time.


^^ This is how we flatten out a carpet.


^^ Belphie’s favourite spot.


^^ What a little poser.


^^ Second hand book haul!


^^ This guy just makes my heart melt.


^^ Nature truly is amazing.  It allows us to see magic everyday.


^^ Colourful nursery flowers.


^^ Look at all the leaves! It really is Autumn now.


^^ I love these wire chairs and I really want one, but there never seems to be a price on them or anyone to assist me.  It makes me sad every time.


^^ Pretty gates.


^^ The cutest goats ever!


^^ Fire is just so majestic.  In this photo he was running towards me with grass in his mouth, I was running backwards taking this photo trying to get away from him.  You give a horse a carrot a couple of times and they will never forget it!.

What did you do this weekend?


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