Garden Update

Happy Friday.

We have a big and I mean big menace in our garden right now and he goes by the name Fire.  Yes, Fire might be majestic and cute, but boy does this guy like to destroy everything.


He comes in here like a tornado and destroys everything in his path.  The first thing he destroyed was the raised garden. Okay, its not completely destroyed, its still standing, but boy does it look bad.  I don’t know if he hates the raised garden, because he thinks juicy grass is hiding underneath or if he knows I’m growing carrots in their, or maybe the raised garden tickled his tail and he just had to kick it.  I don’t know what his beef is, but this guy is a menace.

He is also desperately trying to get to the lady horses (mares), that means he’s constantly running really close to the fence, stomping flowers and running against trees, but you know what’s the worst part? His big giant floppy penis! While he is running, looking at the horses, his penis just keeps flopping.  I might be scarred for life here.

He has also eaten the yarrow, crushed the dahlias, after he crushed the dahlias he decided that wasn’t going to do and commenced in pulling them out and throwing them to the tree.  Oh! and the lettuce! He ate all the lettuce, they were so close to being harvest.  I could just shed a tear!

DSC04982new - Copy

^^ A couple of days ago this pot was overflowing with lettuce.  Now its a mangled mess.

DSC04983new - Copy

^^ The eaten lettuce.

DSC04984new - Copy

^^ I planted some lavender and made a brick border.  I’m really loving it.

DSC04986new - Copy

^^ I love this hanging plant.  The flowers are just something special.

DSC04987new - Copy

^^ They’re called a bleeding heart.

DSC04988new - Copy

^^ These ferns are just getting more voluptuous everyday.

DSC04989new - Copy

^^ Parsley and Rosemary growing nicely in their pot.


The Medicinal garden.


^^ Finally finished the sides of the mosaic table.


^^ Raised garden, I don’t know how you are still standing.


^^ Dill just bursting out.


^^ Carrots.


^^ Beets.


^^ Made the side garden a little bigger and planted some winter flowers.


^^ Echinacea.


^^ Black mint.


^^ The swiss chard looks so healthy and beautiful.


^^ I’ve been hoping for rain.  When it get’s colder here it’s usually dry and hot, but with a cold wind.  What that causes is veld fires (field fires).  Everything is already looking brown and driving home you can already see a couple of fires popping up.


^^ Planted a row of sunflowers against the fence.

DSC04991new - Copy DSC04990new - Copy

^^ The indoor garden is also doing wonderfully.

I can’t be angry at Fire, he does make an excellent lawn mower.

Happy Weekend


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