an instant of life captured for eternity

Dear Weekend

Please come back! I miss you already!  We had an interesting weekend, thanks to car troubles and Carl having to bring work home, because of it, but hey we try to make the best of any situation and we still had fun.

Here are some of my weekend photos.

DSC_0365new DSC_0362new DSC_0359new

^^ I bought Carl a new coat.  He obviously loves it and thinks he’s in some old school movie.

DSC05129new DSC05126new

^^ Work with a view.  I was busy making a fire.


^^ This is my I just made a fire smile.  Its really hot here and does not feel like Autumn at all, but I will dress for Autumn if its the last thing I do!  I need to move to another country with better seasons.


^^ Chai Tea outside.


^^ Mushrooms and garlic bread.


^^ The delicious end result.  I dropped one.


^^ Belphie does not know how to cat.  He hates boxes and never wants to play.


^^ When your cat doesn’t want to play with you.   You stick by yourself!


^^ I’m in love with this photo and this handsome fellah.


^^ dips. whoooo


^^ I’m  a great jumper.  For such little legs, I really know how to bunny hop.


^^ Early morning cuddles with Belphie.  He steals cuddles from me.


^^ He’s always so dirty!

DSC_0356new^^ Fleamarket finds.


^^ I just love this lamp.

How was your weekend?


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