How To Keep Your Plants Happy and Healthy


I’m not an expert when it comes to gardening, but I have had great success with my gardens so far.  Gardening has become my zen place, the place I can just get my hands dirty and grow beautiful flowers, vegetables and herbs.  Believe me once you’ve planted your first garden you will not want to stop.  Growing your own vegetables is such a rewarding experience, harvesting your first tomato or any other vegetable just gives you a sense of pride.  It has not been an easy journey, I’ve had my share of pests ( aphids, I hate you), bad luck and just bad research on my part.  In the end the rewards out weigh some failures.

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  1. RESEARCH:  Its easy to go to a nursery and just pick a bunch of pretty flowers and vegetable seeds, but you have to do your research.   Start googling that specific type of flower and see how to take care of it.  Some plants require special care so its best to research.  When it comes to choosing  vegetable seed varieties, always make sure you choose a variety that will flourish in your climate.
  2. LIQUID FERTILIZER:  Your plants will thank you for giving them a little nutrient boost once a week.  I get my liquid fertilizer from a nursery close by, the stuff smells so bad, but a little goes a long way.
  3. SOIL: Well drainage soil is a must for plants,  they want a shower not a bath.
  4. MORNING WATERING:  Water your garden in the morning so it will conserve water and not get mildew.
  5. GIANT FERNS: I love our giant hanging ferns and keeping them looking great is not as hard as it would seem. Get a large bucket add 2 tbsp epsom salt and a gallon of water.  Let your fern sit in the water for 10 minutes before you hang it up.  You only have to do this once a week.
  6. LEFT OVER WATER FROM BOILING OR STEAMING VEGETABLE:  Use this water for watering your garden.  Its just the nutrient soup your plants will love.
  7. INDOOR PLANTS:  Over watering is your enemy! Just don’t do it!  Wait till the soil is dry and give you plants a light water shower.


I hope you found these tips helpful in some way. If I can grow a garden with a bunch of mean horses trying to eat everything, you can too.

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