What I Wore Wednesday…and a side note on kindness

The boyfriend jeans, may just be the  pair of pants I live in forever.  Hot damn! These are comfy!  Its also great to be nice to my body  sometimes and say no skinnies today! Paired with a t-shirt and some blue shoes, I’m ready to go kick the days bum or just chill at home listening to records.  The point is this is a really comfy yet versatile outfit.

DSCF4003new DSCF4026new DSCF4030new DSCF4009new

Boyfriend Jeans: Similar here

Tshirt: similar here

Shoes: Similar here

Pleather Jacket: similar here


After reading some rather disturbing comments on a vegan humour page, that made me cringe and feel ashamed of people, I’ve decided to just get it off my chest.   What’s happened to kindness? Kindness towards humans? I have so much faith in people, and the willingness/ability to change.  I Know there is a lot of bad stuff, but I try to focus on the good,  because there is a lot of good if you’re willing to actually look.  I’ve had some horrible things happen to me, but I’ve forgiven, not only people, but myself.  Everyday I’m working on changing myself to be the person I want to be.  Living with kindness in my heart, being able to forgive (and forget), believing in peoples ability to change, because we all make mistakes ( I blame our silly brains),  patience and understanding (not just reacting) and being happy, because happiness makes you shine brighter than any star.  I made the decision to stop acting like such a cool kid and actually be who I am and I realized I like being “good” and I really like who I am.  Yes, I’ve lost some friends,  they are on their own path and still like the drinking, crazy life, maybe one day our paths will connect again, but for now I like being good.

Thanks for letting me get my rant out! That felt good!

4 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday…and a side note on kindness

    • simplevegancooking says:

      Its really strange to me. Its like most people fear to get hurt, so they act cruel towards others first. I’ve never seen so much negativity as I’ve seen in the vegan community. Its like a competition.

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