an instant of life captured for all eternity

You know those weekend that just seems to fly by and you are all like whaaat? I haven’t done anything great yet!  That was my weekend, it wasn’t a bad weekend at all, it just raced past without me actually realizing it had started yet.  On Sunday late in the afternoon I had to go shopping. Treat Yo’self 2015 arrived and it was glorious.  Some things I realized.  I can fit into a boys 13-14 shirt without it looking weird, I think it might be the best shirt I’ve ever known, I really like nail polish, I don’t know if I bought the ugliest shoes or the most glorious shoes the entire planet has ever seen?  I also bought Carl a spectacular pair of sunglasses, mainly, because he steals my sunglasses all the time and I’ve kind of been forcing him to wear his actually glasses out and never put in contacts so I can wear my own sunglasses.


^^ We popped in to say Happy Birthday to Carl’s brother.


^^ Hey Friday or should I say study day.


^^ This is what I do while Carl studies.


^^ Wrinkled sheets, cats and books.  Friday, you were kinda great.


^^ I’ve got this problem.  I start reading a book, see another book and start reading that one.  This cycle is just not ending.


^^ I’m in love with these flowers.  Look at them. Embrace them. Make your life all about these things.


^^ I was trying to take a photo of Carl, but couldn’t figure out why it was so smoky the whole time.  After my tenth photo I realized I was burning incense.


^^ I cleaned out a cupboard the other day and found my little tea cover.  Isn’t it just the prettiest thing you have ever seen?


^^ An extremely happy Carl with his new sunglasses.  Check out his jacket.  He is completely in love with it.


^^ We started posing away a storm here.


^^ Pretty skies and a moon saying Hello early.


^^ These photos does not do the sky any justice.


^^ Walking around in the field close to our house.


^^ Just taking photos in my really cosy outfit.  It does not feel cold here at all, but our house.  Our house has decided to take winter and place it inside.  We’ve tried every thing to heat it up.


^^ The face of someone staring at the moon.


^^ I told you he loves this jacket.


^^ Shadow selfies.  The joys of living in South Africa, you need bars on all your windows.

DSCF4217new DSCF4218new

^^ Because hats need to be a part of your decor.

What did you get up to this weekend


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