What I wore Wednesday/ Grunge crazy


Today is not a hat day.  I know, it feels like my entire blog revolves around hats these days.  Today is all about ugly shoes, or the most amazing shoes that ever lived!

I’ve been searching for just the right pair of ugly, but really cool shoes.  You know the type, right? The ones you can’t stop looking at, because are they just really ugly? or just oozing out amazing?  When I tried these shoes on it felt like it was just meant to be, I felt like Cinderella just found her rightful shoe.

On a completely different note! Its raining! Yay! I can’t even remember the last time it rained here, if you ever want to know what its like living in Joburg during winter, just imagine really dry weather.  Also on that note imagine complete darkness when you get home, because you just got loadshedded.  If you don’t know what loadshedding is you are so lucky and would you mind adopting me so I can move to your country?!

Now lets look at some outfits, yeah?


^^ Hideously beautiful, no?


^^ A drop fell on my head.  I still managed to keep my resting b*&#^ face strong.

DSCF4254new ^^ You are starting to warm to the shoes aren’t you?


^^ Stare off with a horse.

P.S.  Do you remember the 13 -14 year boys shirt I was talking about a few posts back….This would be it.

Flannel shirt – Similar here

High-waisted – Similar here

Shoes – Here

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