Night Time Skincare routine

I don’t know about you guys, but setting up a night time skincare routine was really hard for me.  I blame the pre-cuddles.  Every night before we actually go to bed, we have pre-cuddles,  filled with giggles, talking and sometimes we even watch a show, but most of the time Belphie decides the best place to be right now is right in the middle, and believe me nothing stops him from getting in between us, he will literally show his bum right in your face just so I will move.

I just get so comfy that the thought of doing anything except brushing my teeth, bums me out, but I have to say every since starting this routine, my face feels great.  Baby soft skin, even tone and really healthy looking skin.  Carl is doing this routine with me, so we tried to get a brand that would not make his eczema worse and now we are both on the beautiful soft skin train and loving it.



  1. Cleansing wipes – Start by getting rid of the days make up and all the days debris.
  2. Oil Cleansing –  I dab a little bit of olive oil or coconut butter on a cotton wool and gently rub in circular motion all over my face.
  3. Exfoliate – You don’t have to do this every night, but twice a week will be beneficial.
  4. Face Mask –  I use a natural face mask once a week.  My favourite is the baking soda face mask.
  5. Cleansing Face wash –  I use a cream based face mask, that really helps keeping moisture in.
  6. Eye cream – dab on eye cream.
  7. Night cream – A good night cream will make you glow in the morning.

You can use any brand of skincare products you like and works for you.  Its all about routine and consistency.  Once you get started and see the results you will be loving your little night time pamper session.

2 thoughts on “Night Time Skincare routine

  1. Corey Cananza says:

    Just becoming vegan has the effect of clearing up a person’s skin. I guess it’s because we no longer are consuming all the chemicals and toxins that are found in meats and diary anymore.

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