What I wore -Winds-day

Yesterday we said goodbye to Carl’s parents.  They came over and we talked about our plan for the end of the year.  We’ve decided to leave South Africa for greener pastures, we are now in the process of making that happen.  It was a great relieve for the parents to be completely on board with our decision and seem so excited and happy for us.  Its a scary and really exciting time for us, we know its the best thing we can do for our future, and especially for Carl that will be writing his CFA exam in December, we want him to be able to grow in a company and not be held back for certain reasons, which happens in our country, but lets stop talking about this for now.

Today is extremely windy, and unlucky for me I woke up with amazing hair.  Beautifully tasselled almost styled looking hair.  Now, I’m working with a hot tangled mess.  So prepare yourself for What I wore windsday hair.

DSCF4788new DSCF4789new DSCF4791new

Boyfriend Jeans – Similar here

T shirt – Similar here

Oversized Blazer – Similar here

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