What I wore Wednesday ft. Dogs and Horses

The days seem to be flying by.  At the blink of an eye its already time for What I wore Wednesday.  I’ve been doing some intense cleansing of my wardrobe, trying to get rid of everything I don’t wear any more or don’t wear often enough to keep.  Now I have a giant pile of clothes and shoes, sitting against the wall mocking me.  I guess I could move it, but I feel like its great inspiration for Carl to start the cleanse of his clothes.

My style is all over the place, I like  a bit of everything and think the world is to beautiful not to take risks with clothes.

The dogs came for a visit during my photo taken, as well as an injured horse. Apparently I’m real interesting in the animal kingdom.

DSCF4934new ^^ I don’t think these sunglasses suit my face.  They’re also Carl’s, that’s what I get for wearing his stuff.


^^ Dogs being dogs.  This dog is a complete nuisance.  He’s eaten grout, matches and putty.  I don’t know how he’s alive or what he’s trying to make in his tum tum.


^^ A very brown background.  Its so dry here, my skin is hating it.

DSCF4950new DSCF4951new

^^ Horse with an injured leg and a tiny horse.


^^ I just want to colour this kimono in.


Shirt. Similar Here

Kimono. Similar Here.

Shorts. Similar Here

Sunglasses. Similar here.

Combat Boots Similar here


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