Just Go With The Flow


So many big things happening can really mess with your mind.  I mean I’ve never been scared of flying yet, last night while lying in bed I kept googling if they make sure the checked in bags don’t have bombs in them.  Yes, obviously I’m stressing myself out, but with the date for our departure getting closer and closer, I’m turning into a crazed freak. So much to do so little time!

It all started with Belphie, now a few things you need to know.  Belphie was a stray cat that kept breaking into our house stealing food and sleeping in the spare room that we hardly went into.  One day I casually strolled into the room, and immediately froze.  On the bed was the skinniest most sickly looking cat I’ve seen.  Of course he started yoda earing and hissing, but like the little animal rescuer I am, I had one of those ” need to safe this cat” moments and commenced with closing all the windows and luring him with tuna and milk ( Carl’s brothers food).  Three days went by of him coming here for food and so the cuddles started, the third day, was the day he never left  again. I mean I have to go outside with him so he can go pee.  Today Belphie is a spoilt cat, going through only child syndrome, he doesn’t like, cats, birds, dogs, horses and people.  Sometimes I’m not sure he likes us.   He cuddles you one second and brutally attacks you the next.  He poops on the couch when you don’t pay attention to him.  He’s living the good life now and refuses certain foods, he begs for anything you are eating and you can’t come into the house with french fries.  He absolutely loves french fries and goes mental when he sees them.  After an incredibly long couple of hours with him abusing me and peeing on the couch while looking at me, I reached a breaking point.  What are we going to do with Belphie?!  Carl’s parents said they would take him and take care of him for us, but what if he goes on a complete murderous spree and bites everyone in the house, will they still be so kind? and keep him?   I should just believe everything will be fine. Belphie PLEASE be good!

These will be the last couple of months when we still have all our stuff and our house wont be barren.  We’ve decided to sell all our belonging in October and November.  Starting fresh somewhere else requires a fresh start in all aspects of our life.  We want to be comfortable over there, so selling everything and getting the money for it will be great.  I’m not a hoarder in any sense, but everything in this house is basically memories of our relationship, that still makes my heart fuzzy, I’m a sucker for memory keepsakes, but I’m trying to remember that memories stay in your heart forever, and the memories we will be making with this adventure will be the best times ever.  As long as I’m with Carl that’s all I need….and my camera, I want to capture those memories!

In an attempt to save money Carl has decided to go vegan for a month, just to see if it will be cheaper and if it will help with his tummy issues.  I’ll be documenting his experiences, and how he feels, during this time.  We’ve also been talking about Carl writing a post about what it was like growing up with an autistic brother, and what its like for the siblings in these situations.  What do you think? would this be a good post?

and lastly.  My blog has become so much more than vegan recipes.  I started this blog as a way to escape a bad relationship I was just not happy in and now I’m happy, content, and enjoying documenting my life and all the experiences I’m dealing with.  Its become a way for me to vent and talk about all the stuff I’m interested in even if its just photos of my life.  I’ve been thinking about a blog name change for a while and finally came up with a perfect name.  The perfect name came from a lot of over thinking and asking Carl for the lyrics of a song he wrote for me and when I read the lyrics, I told him. “well that sounds like a melodramatic adventure”. And so my blog will soon be named MELodramatic adventures, hey when it has your name in it you know its meant to be.

And so the longest blog post in the history of blog posts comes to an end. Thanks for letting me get my rant out!


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