What I wore Wednesday

Oh, Wednesday.  Here you are again.  The days are flying by and I’m loving it.  I’ve been feeling really calm about our move lately and like its just the perfect thing ever, so now it bums me out thinking how long 5 months are going to take.  I’m just going to enjoy my last couple of months here and just embrace it as it happens.

My latest cupboard cleansing has made me realize what clothes I just love and what I want to get, but this what I wore Wednesday should be called.  My favourite outfit ever!  I love this outfit,  I don’t think the photos do it justice.  It really makes my waist look tiny and I love it. Also stripes! Gah, I’m just to excited, lets just look at the outfit.


^^ Its always a hat day.


^^ stripes, scarves and oversized jackets.


^^ This is a really short  shirt and I don’t like exposing myself for the world to see ( I’m the palest of pale and If you get a glimpse at my stomach you would think I’m wearing a white shirt), so highwaisted jeans make this a perfect outfit for me.


^^ I love a good scarf.


What’s the one outfit you love? Its strange how a modest outfit can make you feel classy and sexy.


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