The Vegan Experiment


Carl decided to take this vegan challenge and eat completely vegan for 1 month, so we can see if he notices any positive or negative things happening to his body.  So far its going really well and I’m enjoying coming up with healthy, potato free vegan meals.

He did feel light headed at work so far, so I’ve upped his food intake, and that’s gotten rid of that.  Yes, apparently you shouldn’t get fed by me or you will get served small meals and expected to be fine with it.  We both take a multivitamin daily, because you know, health and stuff.

Here is what Carl’s been eating:


^^ Edamame falafel wrap.  These also went along for his lunch.


^^ Quesadillas filled with hummus, roasted vegetables and lettuce.  This was dinner the night before.  I’m the leftover queen.


^^ Sweet Potato, lentil Cottage Pie.  He loved this and ate a whole lot.


^^ Crumbed Eggplant sandwich.  Not seen – home made granola bars and fruit.


^^ Stir fried vegetables over rice, served with crumbed eggplant.  This eggplant is out of this world.


^^ Lentil and kale soup. Really filling and an explosion of flavour in your mouth.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Happy 4th of July to all my American friends. Have a festive time filled with family and fun.


4 thoughts on “The Vegan Experiment

  1. earthgirlrx says:

    Looks like good stuff! Just eat enough and you’ll be fine. I think one of the biggest reasons we have those outspoken ex vegans is because people under estimate the volume of food needed relative to an animal based diet which is higher calorie and fat, lower water and fiber. The eggplant looked great. ~Tracy

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