The Vegan Experiment


This week has been way better on the vegan front for Carl. I’m finally feeding him enough and not acting like he’s a glutton.  He also said that his heart pain is gone, which is phenomenal.

This is what he’s been eating this week.


^^ This de-constructed sushi bowl was amazing.

DSCF5259new ^^ Pancakes filled with creamed spinach, tomatoes and a balsamic reduction.  The best thing ever!


^^ I didn’t feel like making dinner, so I made some beans and rice.


^^ Fruit salad, granola, and a crumbed eggplant and hummus sandwich.


^^Vegetable Red curry with brown rice.


^^ A delicious breakfast of tofu scramble and sweet potato home fries.


^^ Grilled mushrooms, kale slaw and a couscous salad.


^^This was called a chimichanga, but it was more like a curry wrap, it was really disappointing.

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope you have some delicious food adventures.


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