The Vegan Experiment


This Week has been a good eating one for my little guinea pig (Carl), the complaints have been on the minimal and the food has been really good.  With Carl’s long list of allergies, I’ve been having to get creative with meals. We did eat out a couple of times,  which has been a rather fun time, except when the waitress gave him chips instead of a salad and he paid the price for eating them, with some severe hives.

Here’s what we’ve been eating.


^^ Baked Beans, butternut and veggies wrap with a side salad.


^^ Falafel burger with hummus and chips.  The bun was amazing the burger was really meh.  It kept falling apart and it wasn’t cooked in the middle.  All the tastes didn’t work well together either.  The fries, were out of this world delicious.


^^ Vegetable pasta sauce, over whole wheat noodles.


^^ Popcorn of course.


^^ Lentil loaf, butternut biscuits and a gravy.  Not shown steamed broccoli and cauliflower.


^^ Falafel, baby marrow linguine and spinach with an out of this world hummus.  Yum!


^^ Yummy food.  We were having a bitching session about the bank and how unhelpful they are.


^^ Happy burger face.


^^ Vegetable chowmein.


^^ Butternut Biscuits.  So good.

Have a great weekend.  Don’t have to much fun.  Just kidding have all the fun!

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