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Hey guys!  I’m no longer blogging under this name.  If you would like to follow along with me and get many more tasty recipes, please come on over to Melodramatic Adventures.  That’s where the party is at, and the after after party.

Happy Thursday!


What I wore Wednesday and Body Image

I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately, and how I would want to raise a daughter.  Thinking about how I was raised, and how I was made to feel about my body, and how I never felt like I was slightly pretty, is something I will carry with me forever.

I don’t blame my family, its just the way they are, always joking and taking things way to far.  Let me explain, you know those family get togethers? where its suppose to be fun, I’ve never had fun, I was always the target, getting told I’m fat, outrageously pale and I’m trying to be better than everyone else.  Even at my parents house I never felt like I fit in, my Mom is the type of woman that will take you out for lunch, and sit their mocking other people, that’s just not who I am.  I don’t see a reason to shame others, I never want to make other people feel bad about themselves, and who am I to judge.  Till this day, I have to wear a jacket with every thing I wear, because of how  I was made to feel about my arms. If you see a woman wearing a jacket during the hottest day, come say Hi, that’s probably me.  I’m slowly trying to get myself to go out without a jacket, but I feel so naked and embarrassed, but I will conquer this. One day soon I will walk around without a jacket and feel like a normal person.

Over the years I’ve forgiven my family and made peace with the person in the mirror, because you know what I can’t change it and I sure as hell don’t want to! Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and having beauty that shines from the inside out is beauty that will last forever.

This is what I want to say to my future daughter: You are beautiful, because you are you, never let anything or anyone make you feel any differently. Beauty isn’t just about the way you look, its about kindness, and the way you are.  Be kind, positive,never judge and forgive easily, but most importantly just be who you are and accept your flaws, because one day someone will come a long and make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world, and all your flaws will make you just the perfect person for them.  Society and magazines tries to tell you what is beautiful, but you know what, who cares.  If we were all the same the world would be an awfully boring place, so just be you kid.

Lets get to what I wore Wednesday, that took a little bit long, but lets look at outfits.

DSCF5244new DSCF5245new

T shirt dress – Similar here

Pleather jacket – Similar here

Brown boots – Similar here

having inner beauty that shines out is beauty that will last forever

Harry Potter Home Inspiration – Gryffindor

Its time for another Harry Potter home inspiration post! and today’s inspiration comes from GRYFFINDOR!  and the crowd goes wild.


Gryffindor was founded by Godric Gryffindor,  the characteristics for Gryffindor consists of; courage, chivalry and determination.  Personally I don’t think I would have landed a spot in Gryffindor, but I think we all have a little Gryffindor inside of us.

Finding home inspiration from Gryffindor is rather easy.  With all those velvet couches, big pPersianrugs, dramatic fireplaces,  reading nook and huge wooden cabinets.  You just want to become a star quidditch playing, brave, but ever so reckless, with just a hint of arrogance Gryffindor.

Tumblr_mwtx268xki1qc17ifo4_r1_250 Hermione and Harry in the Gryffindor common room GryffindorDormitory Gryffindor_common_room Gryffindor_Common_Room (1) ae89aaa5a7843cd9f7b46429b308bb46

Now lets take a look at my version of the Gryffindor dormitories!

7c1c470d92122c9538894b330341ab10 2805c37af4e22e41c891987946b1f26b likable-chesterfield-scarlet-velvet transitional-living-room

^^ Now these are a great take on the Gryffindor couches and they still look comfy enough, for a long relaxing nap after learning about spells and potions.

a7d2f0301c8f19613799b4d3c15b2e56 fireplaces-01168-420-074-1 ventless-fireplace-8

^^ It just wouldn’t be Hogwarts without a fire place and the Gryffindor dormitories are no different.  These fireplaces range from the overly dramatic to minimalistic, but yet all of them have that drama you want.


^^ Lets just take a second to talk about how incredible this sliding bookcase is.  Its magical just to gaze upon it! Sign me up for one of those, right now!

transitional-bookcases American-style-solid-wood-bookcase-1-8-meters-combination-of-font-b-large-b-font-bookcase

^^ Big clunky bookcases have never looked so good, right?

eclectic-island-home-capri4 decor-pad-4_rect540 crreamy-life-2_rect540 bold_styleathome_turquoise 10zzk85

^^ I’ve always had a thing for large Persian rugs, but boy, do they have a large price tag to go with the largeness of the carpet.  These are absolutely breathtaking, I truly believe that blue one should be in my house right now.

ab80cb663281a6e51ba7460fd0d1b6cf cozy-fireplace cozy-reading-nook-with-bookcase-and-fireplace tumblr_lthekirq3V1r3hyudo1_500

^^ The one thing I love about Harry Potter, is the way it can make you giddy and these fireplace reading nooks, just speak to my heart.  They SPEAK to it!

Journey-Vintage-Tobacco-Leather-Trunk-Side-Table-P15267931 eclectic-nightstands-and-bedside-tables c73402d21b58603e050cd1b9463992ce

^^ You know you can’t go to Hogwarts without your trunk, and with all those outrageously small side tables in the Gryffindor dorm, you will have to use your trunk as a pretty table.


^^ This was the only red bedding I liked, it suits the room so well and you know you have to represent your colours.

wrought_iron_fourposter_bed_m vsdfsfsd Pine Four Poster Bed_A_SS-1 melton-pine-four-poster-bed-1318005904 image-four-poster-bed fantastic-poster-bed-2-e3iAg chatsworth 2nd bed 32523-1_l

^^ and the best for last the four poster beds that just bring out the Prince an Princess inside of us.  I mean wizard and witch.

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope you have found some home inspiration, if you are going on a shopping spree this weekend, if not have fun!

Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad with an Avocado dressing

Oh quinoa.  When I first met you I did not know ho to pronounce you, but just like Joaquin Phoenix, I finally got it right.  If you were just a little more dedicated and kept your name leaf the whole world would rejoice in your easy pronounceable name, but just like quinoa, I finally figured you out.

This salad is a great protein packed salad, that’s easy to whip up and tastes really good.   For added goodness and way more yum for your taste buds the creamy avocado dressing just makes this a show stopper.




  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 2 cups vegetable stock
  • 1 cup diced butternut
  • 1 small zucchini , diced
  • 1 small red pepper, diced
  • 1 red onion diced
  • 1 cup baby spinach, chopped

Avocado dressing


  • 1 avocado,  peeled and pitted
  • 1 small lime, juiced
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • dash of cayenne pepper
  • salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 180 degrees C/356 F.

In a medium sized pot add the quinoa and vegetable stock let simmer for 20 minutes until light  and fluffy.

Place the butternut, onion, zucchini and pepper on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and roast for 20 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender.  Remove from heat and let cool.

In a large serving bowl add the quinoa, vegetables and spinach. Toss.

In a blender add all the ingredients for the dressing and blend until smooth  if its to thick add a little bit of water.

Drizzle of quinoa salad and enjoy.

Sundays are for…Birthdays

Yes, Sunday was my Birthday and it was a sober one, it turned out to be the best one I’ve ever had. O and I can remember it clearly, so I can remember these beautiful memories for years to come.

I got woken up by sunflowers and presents 😀 it was a lovely surprise and to get a pretty teapot, orchid ( I wont kill this one) and the walking dead comic book.  Thanks Carl, you the best soul bro!

DSC02583 DSC02576 DSC02575 DSC02585

The day was spend at Mountain Sanctuary Park, let me tell you this place is amazing its a must visit for everyone visiting South Africa.

Now for the photos, because pics or it didn’t happen.

DSC02574 DSC02573 DSC02570 DSC02567 DSC02565 DSC02563 DSC02561 DSC02560 DSC02558 DSC02552 DSC02547 DSC02546 DSC02545 DSC02544 DSC02543 DSC02541 DSC02540 DSC02542 DSC02539 DSC02538 DSC02537 DSC02536 DSC02535

I also picked up this delicious vegan ice cream from fresh earth the best shop you will ever go to.


Self Improvement Month – Kitchen Tips

The online learning company webucator are doing a great challenge for everyone for self improvement month.  So of course I had to jump on the bandwagon and write a post about it.

With the help of webucator I’ve decided to give tips and tricks for around the kitchen.  For some people the kitchen can be a scary place that looks more like a witches potion den, rather than a place that you can relax, get all your frustrations out and create beautiful, wholesome meals for you and your family.




  1. Clean as you go – leaving everything till the last minute is a sure way to get overwhelmed really fast.
  2. Cut up everything, before you start cooking.  This helps having everything on hand and prevents a burning mess.
  3. Anyone can cook.  If you can read you can follow a recipe.
  4. Peel ginger with a spoon.
  5. Read the recipe before you start cooking.
  6. Keep knives sharp.
  7. Store herbs and greens with a damp paper towel.  This will expand the lifespan by several days.  Just roll them up.
  8. Freeze fruit and vegetables for smoothies so you don’t need ice.
  9. Taste your food before serving and adjust as you like.
  10. Fruit ripens faster when stuck together in a bowl.  Apples and bananas ripen faster together.
  11. Spray measuring cups with non stick spray before using sticky liquids.
  12. Cook with a glass of wine and music.  Make cooking fun and not a chore.  Besides recipes can always do with a splash of wine.

Webucator are also offering a free Microsoft Office training course each month which helps with the Self Improvement Month.  So be sure to check it out here.

an instant of life captured for eternity

This weekend was filled with lots of fun and more gardening.  We went to a eco friend day festival on Saturday, it was a nice day being outside listening to really amazing bands.  However the whole festival did start of rocky, we couldn’t find the little bus that takes you to the festival and we walked around Sandton city forever looking for it, when we finally found it we assumed it would all be smooth sailing, but alas we didn’t bring enough money and there was no atm in sight so we walked all the way back to Sandton city and walked back to the festival.  After we got a rewarding beer it was all lovely.

So here is my weekend recap or photo dump

DSC01017 DSC01018

The table in our bedroom loft.




Belphie taking over the bed 🙂


Flowers from my lovely Carl for no reason.




Friday selfie


Nelson Mandela Square




Fresh Coconut water



The festival had amazing food vendors.  This was just one of them, it was a vegan/ vegetarians dream.

DSC01042 DSC01043

Sandon Central Park’s amazing sculpture and this little rooster.




DSC01044 DSC01045

A nice cold beer and my bee backpack.  Hey everyone needs a bee when you go to festival




DSC01052 DSC01053 DSC01057

The stage

DSC01063 DSC01066

Behind the scenes of a human pyramid



DSC01071 DSC01073 DSC01074


I feel like wrapping all my trees now 😀

DSC01075 DSC01080

People in a tree




Carl’s sweet pocket watch

DSC01083 DSC01087 DSC01095


Getting silly with a ping pong paddle



Bands, Bands, bands



Me waiting to go to the loo.  Carl took this photo.  Yes, he is a creep, but my little weirdo


Crazy hair





This was the bus that we just could not find.



After festival look

DSC01141 DSC01142 DSC01143


We got a ride back on one of these things. No, it does not have a door and yes, I was scared the entire way back.


DSC01147 DSC01148 DSC01150


We found this amazing shop in Sandton City.  It even had a replica of Gandalf’s sword.  I was nerdgasming pretty hard.

DSC01156 DSC01158 DSC01159 DSC01160 DSC01162 DSC01163


We also planted new seeds, flowers and catnip ( the catnip is for Belphie).

What did you get up to this weekend?

Modcloth obsessed

I’m so obsessed with modcloth! They have everything you would love, pretty dresses, cute shoes, amazingly nerdy kitchen stuff and just general pretty things.

These are just a few things I’m in love with right now.

05c2c34a496c6d79dc769b64af6a6b22 8f28b7aa094874c52955e9ca9d9987ab 09a6b8c6824292fc47cadf9ce7dfd8e2 9c640091255faf119cde92fec0e79da6 9e0fc2b26ca2de4b9e51f576c0626c13 86da78f06fb7ffb9db08c5b41877fd80 97d47804bac247db13c3d448972655b6 815a3c86ea42993b047cf6e55c008563 14108892bcef29a24c98686600f9f729 af5d745b400261ed9304c91fc9faa1b1 bd54456bfbeed8845d5676b884b1bfc9 cf28dc34d45b22ef419bb3d097c16d68 dd980f2da2e481a2942095f0844d1026




and now everyone knows what a big nerd I am.  Be sure to check out modcloth here.

an instant of life captured for eternity

Life lately has been filled with gardening and fun.  We’ve been trying to make the outside area a delightful place instead of the miserable mordor hell that it used to be.  We’ve filled it with flowers and even started a tiny vegetable garden.

This weekend we did a raw detox, I will admit it was a scary thought, but at the end of it I feel so refreshed and healthy, during this week I will make a post dedicated to my findings and also how my carnivore man love found it.   Now, on to the photos!


Tiny cacti garden


Delicious raw baby marrow pasta


Watering the garden.  Grow grass! Grow!

DSC00848 DSC00847

Freshly planted flowers.


Green Kiwi Smoothie – this is soooooo good

DSC00846 DSC00845

Flowers waiting to get planted.


Strawberry smoothie


Curious Belphie


Pretty clouds




Prince Belphie

DSC00812 DSC00811 DSC00809 DSC00808

These were the first flowers to get planted

DSC00807 DSC00806

The before garden


Tiny vegetable garden


Driving around round round


Foccacia made for a charity sale.


Belphie being silly


Green onion, growing away